mjj (flemmings) wrote,

'She will not look beyond her mother's wisdom'

"She only says 'Don't throw anything out because you never know when it will come in handy.'"

So I rescued a round white table from the gomi, and as it wouldn't fit through the front door I installed it on the porch, where I already have two comfy chairs (or comfy when you've put the elegant cushions I also rescued from the gomi on them. Cushions go back in afterwards because of Cats. Who will pee on them or shed on them or infest them with fleas.) Then I found a highbacked wooden chair, a treasure, and put that at the table. And now I have a comfy parlour-porch, except that the overhead light will only take 60 watt bulbs and it's dark early these days. No problem. There's that oil lamp I had back in the 80s; rescue it from the basement and buy some scented oil and oh how elegant my dusky meals will be this autumn.

Except I put it out on the Front Lawn Dollar Store some time back and now I don't have it any more.

I finally decided that overhead fans with a cluster of bulbs beneath are in fact better than overhead fans with a single round globe beneath. Four times the light, yes? So I shall get the old cluster attachment from the basement and hire an electrician to swap it over.

Only it's not there. Front Lawn Dollar Store etc etc.

Or maybe, more cheerfully, I just tidied the basement some time and they're both still there somewhere. Must go look.
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