mjj (flemmings) wrote,

End of a good read

I have finished Karin, oh woe oh woe alas where shall I find another wheeere shall I find aNOTHER???

I thought the ending was fine first time around, but at that time I was reading fast and furious and didn't register how equally fast and furious the action of the last tank'n'ahalf was going. Now I think she could have turned that into at least four more volumes. However after five and a half years of non-stop monthly publication I can believe she was getting a bit burned out on the thing, and her editors probably wanted her to do something else as well. Such is the manga trade.

Still I'd like a bit more of an ending than Shin-kun's (more or less) 'Well, I'm home'-- 'even if I'm no longer a spoiler'. Because I mean, him not being a spoiler any more rather bugged me, you know. One needs more closure than A Certain Person saying 'Hey, I'm older than any of you *and* I've got three eyes' because look, everyone in vol 17 has three eyes so why are you so special? Just saying.

But I keep forgetting that kickinpants gave me Havemercy for Christmas, and Havemercy is turning into a fine substitute for Karin. And it's a long weekend, so I am content.
Tags: dragons, karin_mangaka, manga_12, reading_12

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