mjj (flemmings) wrote,

On such a night as this

This evening in 1990 I was coming back to Nagoya from a day in Ise. This evening in 2003 I was writing Gouen's poem to Pipang. This evening in 2006 I was reading The Well-favored Man in the Gateway Hilton, after the morning's brunch with paleaswater and her new husband and mvrdrk. Thus time flows.

Caddy Ever After
Benjamin Franklin and a Case of Christmas Murder
-- which actually tries to get the style of the times, something few historical mysteries do
The Emperor's Snuff Box
-- John Dickson Carr is a guilty pleasure. There's so much 'Oh JDC no' in it, but he's compulsively readable anyway

Point of Knives
Irene at Large
The Frozen Thames
-- vignettes for every year the Thames froze. Neat idea, indifferent execution

Tales of of the Taoist Immortals
-- which of course is not a patch on
Karin vol 1-14
-- such a happy romp. This evening in 2003 I was reading vol 10.
Tags: japan, karin_mangaka, manga_12, reading_12, rl

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