mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Suck for a pun # 'I forget how many'

This shaggy pun story. Along with 'when it's past your bedtime'. (When do cows go to sleep?)

The glassy eyed shuffle is brought to you courtesy of an 8:30 am Monday volunteer shift receptioning at a local clinic. Getting up early is bad. Getting up to squint at Ipad screens and cell phone displays is worse. Doing all of these while facing a sunny street during the allergy season when eyes dry out like the Sahara is, well, something that must be experienced. Add it to your bucket list.

This will at least break me in to new technology, but so far I have to say-- most people's fingers are not the size of a chopstick so dialling on a cell phone is a neat trick (and how do so many sausage-fingered businessmen do it?) And Ipads hate people with cool hands like yanno me, and sulk and won't move and make me cry. Just sayin'. Luckily I get two Mondays off, for incandescens and paleaswater, but that's not until next month. We shall see how long this lasts.
Tags: humour, rl_12

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