mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Whoever altered this sign is my kind of person. Extracted from underground guerilla signs in the tube.

Meanwhile in the 'don't know whether or laugh or cry dep't, a novel about steampunk Japan misses the mark to hit fanboi lows.
"Let's start with my primary nails-on-a-chalkboard issue, the usage of the words "hai" and "sama", shall we? Here are a few examples of these words in action in Stormdancer:


"That is more than fair." [...] "Ameterasu (J note: the goddess who shines on candy) bless your kindness, sama."
"I want for nothing. Thank you, sama."
"He slew Boukyaku, young sama. The sea dragon who consumed the island of Takaiyama."
"Forgiveness, sama."
"Apologies, sama."

"These cloudwalkers were men of the kitsune clan, hai?"
"The solitude is pleasant, hai?"
"I can get into the trees, hai."
"Just deck-hands on a sky-ship, hai?"
Which is a pity, because Japanese steampunk immediately makes me think of Kunitoshi woodblocks of trains and ships set in a Kiyochika-like atmosphere of dark and rain that feels like darkest London of the 1890s.
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