mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Wish I could find a good manga to live in-- oh wait...

I do not want my vacation to be over. (My wonderful three-and-a-half days off 'vacation'. But no matter.) I want to sit in my nice house and read Karin with three dictionaries at hand and a notebook to write unknown hanzi in, and watch kewl 敖兄, 'big brother Ao', ie 敖广/Ào Guǎng/ Goukou, aka 青竜 Seiryuu the azure dragon of the east (thank you wikipedia for a way out of the vexed 'is it blue or is it green' question) dealing with Immortals and Jade Emperors and what-all. Yes, the long-standing conflation of Gou Kou (peasanty homespun dragon brother) with Seiryuu, exalted guardian of the East, is alive and well in Karin. No complaints here.

I do wonder how many assistants she had to draw those lovely detailed backgrounds, a major pleasure in Kawasou-sensei's works. And paleaswater, this manga has that 'all bodies of water are connected to the sea king's palace' trope in spades. Would this be where you got it from?
Tags: chinese, dragons, karin_mangaka

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