mjj (flemmings) wrote,

World of Pain: 'Outside my window is a--'*

FUFFY!! Actually about eleven of them, as far as I can see, strung on the clothesline of the fourth house down, in all kinds of colours and patterns.

And what, you ask, is a fuffy?

When I first started this child-minding gig, everyone wore cloth diapers. Err-- I mean, all the kids did. With plastic pants over them, that the parents were always walking off with so when we bought a new pack (available at any drugstore, along with diaper pins) we had to write DAYCARE on the bottom in permanent marker. And let me tell you, nothing induces speedy toilet training like wearing two cloth diapers and plastic pants. Kids *know* when their diaper is wet and can't wait to get out of the heavy dragging things and into comfortable underwear so they can play in the wading pool. Second thing that promotes toilet training is wading pools and a strict 'no diaper kids allowed' rule. We had both, back in the good ol' days. Now we have three-year-olds without a clue as to what a toilet is for and even less interest. Disposables, I tell you: a curse.

But the combination of moisture and plastic pants also led to frequent diaper rashes. Two parents (this was ca. 1990) introduced cloth wraps with velcro'd sides, that provided a bit more breathability. The young lady so accoutered, who has just finished first year law, referred to them as her fuffies, and thus I call them, knowing no other word. And evidently four houses down is also ecologically minded, and has their bunny in cloth, and has provided bunny with a wealth of designer fuffies to hold his/her diaper in place. (If I'm uncertain as to bunny's gender, it's because two doors down also has a rising-toddler; and both couples being friendly young yuppie types and their infings being indeterminate bundles when usually seen, I have them completely confused.)

On other domestic fronts, I decided that what my winter vegetable stew needed was a good peanut sauce, available from The Enchanted Broccoli Forest. Had the main ingredients, bar the peanut butter; went to the store and bought the famous pea butter instead. Looks like peanut butter, tastes like peanut butter, costs like peanut butter, has calories like peanut butter, but does not induce death in the susceptible. Alas, it does not cook like peanut butter. But the addition of pea butter and vinegar and tamari did improve the stew. All it needed was some ginger...

* They may have been a cherished part of my youth, but really, lyrics were not Cream's forte at all.
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