mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Reading August 2012

Pratchett, Nation
Gaiman, American Gods
Powers, The Drawing of the Dark

-- so three of the Big Names in SFF. And generally all very well, but give me the 100% Brit over the expat and the American. He passes the Johnson test at least, and possibly the Bechdel but I'd have to check.

McKillip, The Changeling Sea
-- a non-twee McKillip. How wonderful.

Douglas, Femme Fatale
Spider Dance
-- very unlikely settei, but what's summer reading for if not suspension of disbelief? All these pass the Bechdal test but not the Johnson.

Permanent Rose
Indigo's Star
Forever Rose
Caddy's World
Saffy's Angel

--I may burble some time about the Casson family series. They're marvellous books to disappear into, which is what I've been doing for the last week.

Also an eye-opener. All my fandoms (Papuwa, Saiyuki, dragons...) have involved 'families' of various kinds, that may care for each other but can't express it overtly, and who tend to the quarrelsome and umm 'psychically damaged'. The Cassons provide unthinking and stunning emotional support to each other, and in their quirky fashion, don't worry much about the other stuff, like hot meals and new clothes. Indigo in particular is a beautifully well-adjusted facilitator, a likable version of the quiet middle child who in my fandoms is more likely to be manipulative or self-absorbed or both.

I prefer the Rose books to the earlier award-winning ones, if only because the latter (Saffy's Angel and Indigo's Star) have a frisson of Problem Book to them, and one suspects that's why they won their awards.
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