mjj (flemmings) wrote,

'"The best thing for being sad", Merlin said, "is to clean cook something."'

Is true. I ended a full-out anxiety state last February by finally making the stir-fry I'd been putting off for three days. Today I ended a full-blown snit by making the winter veg stew from Moosewood Cooks At Home, a book I bought in defiance of budget because it had a recipe for winter veg stew. Recipe alas calls for molasses, stolen from next door while they're away (molasses being one of the unlikely things meat-and-potatoes next door *would* have) and beer, which I may buy dealcoholized from the super. At the moment it tastes a little... lacking, though what it lacks is probably the mandatory rice I put in everything.

Had a dream this morning, recalled fragmentarily amongst the usual clutter of just-waking dream chatter, about two of my dragon brothers copulating. This is unusual-- I rarely had erotic dreams even when I had hormones. But the emphasis here was on the peril and magnificence of copulating with a dragon, even when he's your brother. Am pretty sure it was Goujun as desiree and Gouen as desirer, Gouen being the only one likely to be thinking in those grand metaphors.
Tags: dragons, dreams, food, rl_12

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