mjj (flemmings) wrote,

'On such a night as this'

On August 27 1993 a typhoon hit Tokyo directly. I was out in it, watching the rain blow sideways, because my Kyuushuu boss was unimpressed by Honshuu typhoons and saw no reason my students would stay at home on a night like that. (OTOH he cancelled all my kids' afternoon classes in Tsukishima because the venue was at the north end of that island in the Sumida, and he figured the mothers wouldn't let their darlings out for fear of them being blown away into the river.)

Tonight I was seized by a need for almonds a half hour before the super closed. (And duck eggs, because two of my dozen were bad and I am suddenly out of them. The super had duck eggs Sunday, but as it turned out, none today.) So I trotted out into the night, in my indoor sandals yet, noting the low black ragged clouds zapping along from the north. (Is dark at 8:30 now, a month from the solstice or-is-it-equinox?) That cold front moving in, and may it move fast. Well yes. But it came accompanied by monsoon rains that were flooding the gutters when I went to leave, so I waited for a lull and then swam merrily home, drenched to the skin, celebrating this 19th anniversary of the typhoon that hit Tokyo directly.

And I still don't have a rain icon.
Tags: food, japan, rl_12

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