mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Lazy days of August

The day that you go out to buy avocadoes and come back with a new Pratchett that you didn't know about, even if it's a co-authored Pratchett, is a good day. I also got the avocadoes and some dumplings, so am satisfied on all fronts.

Actually, I was in the bookstore looking for more Hilary McKay, having polished off Permanent Rose this afternoon. I shouldn't have been looking for McKay: finances suggest I borrow from the library. But I jones to buy books as some jones for sex or beer.

Also finished Tim Powers' The Drawing of the Dark. I like Powers' mangaka-type all over the map-ness in regard to sources and genres, but wish he'd stop fridging his female characters.
Tags: pratchett, reading_12, rl_12

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