mjj (flemmings) wrote,

'Green' Eggs and Ham

Went to the farmers' market again and was informed by the presumed son of my Hutterite/Mennonite egg woman (his mother being ear-bent by some yuppie intent on discussing the uses of duck lard) that goose eggs are only available in the spring. Where Fiesta got them in July is a mystery, and I should like to know why ducks and quail, to say nothing of chicken, lay year round while geese are particular. But there we are.

Well, the bacon. I splurged on a package of Rowe Farm bacon, notoriously made from happy pigs. Evidently Rowe Farm pigs are happier in their hams than their rashers, because happy pig bacon didn't especially knock my socks off. Truly, chicken bacon would have done just as well.
Tags: food, rl_12
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