mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Old friends from far away

A post on the saiyuki LJ sent me off to youtube in nostalgic search of Hakkai and Gojou. There I found eps subtitled in French (anything from vostFR, basically.) It's heaven. I finally have that bland but useful s'en vouloir construction pinned down. And kiyou binbou turns into a literal 'pauvre mais débrouillard'. I must watch all of season 2 this way.

I'm sure it's impossible, but Yahoo's Addiction Solitaire viewed on IE is far more difficult than the same site viewed in Firefox. Besides, FF has ads before the game and IE doesn't. Also, why can I go straight to the Yahoo addiction solitaire site but must login and do captchas to get to Pyramid? I need a higher quality of time waster. Ah well-- see above.
Tags: anime, language, rl, saiyuki

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