mjj (flemmings) wrote,

'You never know when it will come in handy'

It would not be a tragedy if I were unable to play online solitaire ever again. It would be a bloody nuisance. As it is, I'm unable to play online solitaire in Firefox, because FF decided this evening, suddenly without warning, that Java 6.33 was a security hazard, and refused to start any of my games. So I updated to 7, snarling: and FF crashed every time I tried to load a solitaire site. And then disabled the keyboard when I tried to google the problem. I reloaded FF, discovered that Java 7 crashing FF is a common occurrence, removed it and found an old version of 6.33 to download. (One that did not change my default browser or install toolbars.)

Firefox still crashes when I load my games, even with the old version.

How lucky I never removed IE from WinXP. I go to play Addiction Solitaire over there.
Tags: rl_12, techy

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