mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Oh dear. Another time sink. Retronaut, that allows me to revisit the 60s and then be sorry I did. Though the pics of 60s London is exactly what I saw as a child there.

Found courtesy of sovay, who links Soviet Accident Prevention Posters with occasional HK Subtitle Factory translations. Accidents at the dinner table: 'Be careful with a spud', 'Be careful with forks' etc. And if anyone knows what an arbor is, I might be interested in hearing it. (Note for the squeamish: just colour drawings, but with occasional limbs caught in machinery.)

Big white cloud last night, looking like Harald Sohlberg's winter mountains, but with lightning flickering all through it. No rain, no thunder, just post-sunset blue sky and a flashing mountain floating in it.
Tags: art, hk_subtitle_fact, humour

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