mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Good, Bad, Good, Bad

Good: finished Toujin Yashiki, Hatsu Akiko's strange Chinese tales set in NY and England (though the dragon king's daughter's pool isn't connected to her father's sea, so he doesn't come visiting. I think that's in another collection.) Pleasant resonant fluff, as Hatsu often is-- though maybe that's a gaijin's POV, and the very lack of there there is what one should prize about her works.

Bad: am finding Fly-by-night slow and uneasy-making, or possibly slow because uneasy-making. I have no guarantee that horrors will not abound in the present as they have in the past. But I can't stop reading. People who go to suspense and horror films invite this kind of experience, but I could never see what the fun of it is.

Good: went to a birthday do, in a park hence no alcohol, and spoke Japanese and had a good time, both of which are normally impossible for me without alcohol. It might be that the average Japanese abroad has better manners than the average Torontonian at home (people do not go out of their way to talk to outsiders here) or it may be that the exercise of speaking Japanese itself takes the place of desperately searching for topics of conversation.

Bad: in spite of inedible food at work I am not losing weight. This is doubtless down to not eating lunch at work, but in many a tasty restaurant instead. But in hot weather my knees and lower back are all about the need to shed a minimum ten pounds.

Good: Acupuncture succeeded in relieving low back pain at least, apparently by sticking needles in my feet. Whatever works, guys.
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