mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Look at all my trials and tribulations

...sinking in a gentle pool of wine. A quite bearable dry white for under $10, reminding me again why I can never be a good Buddhist.*

Cool sunny perfect summer day. Also a Friday. Social weekend upcoming. Local fruit'n'veg store makes up packages of veggie bits (probably hacked from shopworn peppers and cauliflowers and what-all) which a) makes me feel non-wasteful b) saves me money and c) spares me the trouble of cutting stuff up myself for stir fry. Have thus made stir fry with that and some broccoli that was wilting in the fridge, waiting for a cool day to cook. Also bought sliced almonds, toasted them in the frying pan, and ate them with cappucino yoghurt. Though one of my cherry tomato plants is dying-- something wrong with the pot it's in-- the other is as high as my chin and adorned with little green balls. Redden up, little green balls: salads and guacamole require your presence.

*The other is the sniffy Buddhist attitude to sex. Truly, some Buddhists get awfully close to some Catholics-- only in marriage, only with someone of the opposite sex, and preferably for purposes of procreation. Pfui.
Tags: food, religion, rl_12

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