mjj (flemmings) wrote,

As so often, my lj won't load but incandescens' will. Odd.

I never watched any of the Harry Potter movies, being not a movie person and certainly not a Potter fan. But The Little Girls' treat last night was Goblet of Fire, ordered from whatever highway robbery system Bell has in place for its digital subscribers. (Ordered and set up by the older, who hasn't yet reached double digits. 'Did you watch on the TV or the computer?' asked her dad on returning. 'The TV.' 'Oh yes, the computer is so complicated.' Give M a year or so and she'll have it down, I'm sure. OTOH what she wanted to do before-treat was play paper dolls with me and her sister. Some things do not change.)

I can't say even now that I've *seen* Goblet of Fire, since 90% of it seems to take place in Stygian darkness. Also Bell Home Box Office or whatever doesn't seem to have captioning available, and my un-Brit-accustomed ears need it. I was amazed M could follow what was going on, but it appears she was motivated (cough) to read the book, or rather the whole series. Some things do not change.

And yes, Alan Rickman is hot, in the four or five seconds I saw him onscreen. A most unfortunate interpretation, one must say, in light of what it spawned. Couldn't they have made Harry slightly less wet than his author did instead? But now at least I know who Mr Noseless is, whom I see around occasionally
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