mjj (flemmings) wrote,

In which I am obscure

Bicycling to work today a penny dropped in re latest 100 Demons and I thought 'Ah-hah-ha! OMG! Ima-sensei misleads again!' Which I think she does. But a perusal of the story shows no point at which the segue that, if I'm right, must have happened could have happened. And yet something is definitely happening. And I shall be very interested to see if it comes through in Chinese, because it involves an anomaly in the way Aoarashi talks to people who aren't youkai or Ritsu. (And quick, how often have you actually heard human-Aoarashi talk to someone who isn't either of those?) From what little I know, I think Chinese could do it better than English, at least; but... but...

It's the sort of thing that makes me want to start buying Nemuki episodes again, even though I *know* she likes to drop her great cliff-ending points once she's made them. Like Saburou's metamorphosis, f'rinstance. There's the whole crow episode, and next you know, Akira's off to meet-a-date gatherings.
Tags: 100demons, chinese, dreams, fandom

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