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Supplementary reading

I wanted Ackroyd's London Under last January, to see if it would shed some light on the lost rivers of London. I have it now. It has a chapter or two on buried rivers, but the detail (such as it is-- a thin volume, this) is saved for sewers and train tunnels. It thus perfectly complements Whispers Underground. To say nothing of A Madness of Angels. And probably the last Felix Castor as well, but that one I've already forgotten. However it doesn't tell me nearly enough about those dead and buried rivers, and neither does wikipedia. I want something with maps, and a lot more pictures than Ackroyd provides.

Frances Hardinge's Verdigris Deep (aka Well Witched) is not supplement but synchronicity. Its atmosphere puts it with 100 Demons, even if Ackroyd also has a chapter on wells and Ima does not. Or not in 21. She *must* have done a well story, in fact, but all I can recall offhand is the house with the telephone cord that goes down a trapdoor. Which I should reread because I've forgotten what the point of that story was. Felonious and homicidal relatives, wasn't it?
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