mjj (flemmings) wrote,

One from the head

Now, see, this I feel nothing particular about, beyond a mild relief that I finally managed to finish a fic. Otherwise it might as well be one of my articles or reviews: it doesn't get anywhere near to where I live. Seimei stories don't because Seimei stories need me to construct a plot for them, and the intellectual exercise of putting together a plot distances me from the story. Necessarily such stories aren't any great pleasure to write either, and sadly aren't even much fun to have written. It follows that this is the only kind of fic I'd write for someone else's pleasure rather than my own, and if people wanted to discuss it or critique it I'd be utterly unmoved.

Whatever, paleaswater expressed a civil wish that I'd write more Yumemakura pastiche, so here it is. And I do like certain things about it after all, so I'm glad I did.
Tags: fic, onmyouji
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