mjj (flemmings) wrote,

All together now--

It wouldn't stay away,
It was waiting on the porch
The very next day...

Ah well. Is last week in June, statistically one of the hottest of the year, yet for three days of same has been dead on normal ie feeling almost cold. Must not gripe about four days of 33C. Except the long weekend is included in that.

No matter. I have Whispers Underground, thanks to kind incandescens. OTOH I also have a weekend guest, so maybe I'll save the happy read for a later and possibly cooler date.

I also finished my Brust marathon as of Monday, clocking in at five weeks. Incomplete: couldn't get far with Brokedown Castle but will read it some other time.
Tags: brust, reading_12, rivers, rl_12

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