mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Vexatious things

bk1 has changed hands. Well, this happens. The new webface has pale unreadable fonts-- light blue, guys: who uses that?- and barely fits the highest resolution this monitor is capable of. I thought Japan was all about the hand-held platforms? But nope, they want one of those stretched monitor jobbies. Thus it takes forever to find out what they're calling my 'buy later' list now, and again, instead of the neat column bk1 had, it's a messy thing that requires scrolling back and forth to see all the buttons.

Well, fine. I succeed in ordering my new Hyakki Yakou anyway, squinting desperately the while.

The confirmation email arrives. It's mojibake. Their publishers' update emails are readable. Their 'you want these books!!' emails are readable. Their important emails are borked. Blah. How lucky I'm impoverished these day and not about to go on any Japanese spending sprees. But must the last state of the thing *always* be worse than the first?
Tags: 100demons, rl_12, techy, wank

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