mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Mixed Feelings

No one has Brusts, as I said, except for various volumes of Paarfi. Don't ask me why-- there's always a copy of 500 Years After or The Phoenix Guard or Sethra Lavode in any used bookstore. But for a wonder, Eliot's Books had both Yendi and Teckla, thereby saving me 24-7=17 dollars for the compendium.

Eliot's Books also had a number of familiar-looking volumes, and two which clinched it: The Japan We Never Knew, by David Suzuki and Keibo Oiwa, and Japanese Inn by Oliver Statler. Those were mine, put out on the front lawn library some weeks ago and last weekend respectively. So now I know.

And occurs to me, if people are going to flog my books at Eliot's, why shouldn't I do the same and get the benefit of it?
Tags: brust, reading, rl_12

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