mjj (flemmings) wrote,

"And there are other London Towns than these"

Ben Aaronovitch was at a panel the other day: "a round table discussion about London based urban fantasy with China Mieville, Suzanne McLeod and Kate Griffin." Sounds like it'd be fascinating. Possibly a transcript online somewhere?

Had not heard of Suzanne McLeod. Anyone know if she's any good? Or only if you like vampires?

"Paul Cornell's high octane supernatural police procedural London Falling" sounds just up my alley. Not released yet, it appears, but something to be looked forward to when the current Taltos marathon is over. I seem to have been in a laconic mood in 2006 because I kept no record of what Brust I read when, nor where I got them from. My bookshelves want me to believe that half came from the library. Maybe they did: no used bookstores (and very few first-run) have earlier Taltos, and I vaguely recall a moment of triumph when I located two count them two up on Eglinton.

(Parenthetically, I love Aaronovitch to bits but I'm glad he has editors. The man simply can't tell the difference between its and it's or whose and who's. OTOH he doesn't say 'was sat', for which I am grateful.)
Tags: brust, language, place, reading_12, rivers
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