mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Through Taltos, Dragon, and Yendi in less than a week. Now started Jhereg, the original book of the series. Must have been confusing as hell to the readers-- all this backstory, all these people we don't know, all this history Brust doesn't go into. Man does believe in making his people work, or does at times.

If I had a list of things I must do before the first, I'd have done nothing at all, and been intensely resentful while not doing it. Since I don't, I have sorted the miscellaneous tapes into sheep and goats. Goats are banished to the cellar; sheep are dusted and tidy and lined up on their shelf. Living room furniture is polished, flat surfaces dusted, and a place found for the Horizons. Kitchen table is cleaned off and floor is washed; room has been found on the mudroom hooks for a guest's coats; many BBoys and Reijins have been once-overed and dropped in capacious recycle bin; the stack of bills in the dining room has been sorted into the appropriate files. And a box of books from the cellar was dumped on the front lawn, whence people took this and that, and someone finally took the rest, box and all. (Nobody however wants the Japanese books in the other box, how sad.)

Shall vacuum up and down, but not tomorrow (high 32C.) Might get flannel sheets washed at laundromat but maybe not (possible thunderstorms.) Now is time for epsom salt bath and more Jhereg.
Tags: brust, rl_12

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