mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Change is vexatious to the spirit

Have been busy and virtuous and active today-- attending a puppet show, attending Doors Open, doing laundry, weeding the garden. But also, because someone may be crashing at my place for an unknown length of time, I've been moving clothes about from my guest bedroom aka my dressing room, to the chest of drawers in the bedroom aka the black hole where I keep odd garments, old djs, old cassettes, you name it. This has made me like a cat in the middle of moving day. I'm certain I shall never find any of my clothes again, because some have gone into suitcases. So have a bunch of manga in order to make room in the hall closet for clothes from the guest bedroom closet. What shall I do next time I need a suitcase?

Then was to sort the sheets and pillow cases. Then was to move the boxes out of my bedroom to make room for-- oh never mind. You get the picture.

Then I needed to weed the three large boxes that hide in a corner of the dining room behind the door, to make room for the bedroom boxes. One turned out to be full of surprising and unneeded Babylon 5 tapes, which I took down to the cellar. The others were Reijins and BBoy Golds from the late 1990s. I leafed through them, all nostalgic for Kizuna and Rika and whichever Nitta Youka series that was, because isn't there one where the characters have the same names as another of her series? Then put them and a stack of Reijins by the back door to go into the recycle. Sic transit gloria fandomis.

All this is antsy-making, natch, but a necessary upheaval. One gets too attached to 'this stuff here' and 'that stuff there' and never thinks one might in fact put it elsewhere or even throw it out. (I hate throwing things out even more after last year; I used to donate clothes to Goodwill or whoever, gloomily certain I would never wear them again: and then I lost enough weight that I could, and where were they?) Buddhist thought, guys-- all things change, and my house better change with it. Get too attached to Things As They Are at home and one becomes incapable of needed renovations, let alone selling the thing somewhere down the line.
Tags: manga, religion, rl_12

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