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Just had one of those twisty 'compact fluorescent' bulbs, the ones with mercury in them, overload and pop on me. Boy do they stink when they do. Have window fans on all over the upstairs and all the windows in the house open. Also they make an almighty noise when they go, which is as well, because otherwise I'd have been wondering where the smell was coming from.

As to why it blew, heaven knows. Had been perfectly well-behaved for the last three years. I put a new one in the lamp (freebie from the gas company of all things) which glowed dimly and then simply went out. Alas, have no 60 watt incandescents to try out to see if the problem's with the lamp. When I use incandescents, they're trilight 50-100-150, for all your reading needs, and as they're about to become illegal in two years, I hoard them mightily.
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