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The Midnight Mayor- nitpicks

Of course, reading the first book of a series might inform you that someone called Oda isn't necessarily Japanese, even if everyone you've ever met called Oda is. Still, from the reviews I'm glad I didn't read A Madness of Angels, because it sounds like it has the same things I didn't like about The Midnight Mayor, only more of them. Largely a tendency for people to run (*run*) vast distances while in extreme pain and after losing quantities of blood. Adrenalin and (in Mathew's case) testosterone can take you far, but I do wonder if they take you that far. Also the tendency for people to shoot other people, which I can live without. The violence and body damage here rather suggest comic books crossed with H/C fanfic. Could have done with more atmosphere and rather less blood, myself.

Of course, I read it with my map of London spread wide, the one I bought for Moon over Soho. Didn't help me with the outlying areas like Ealing and Hounslow. I need a map of the *boroughs* of London, all of them.

Mhh and also-- all this 'eight million people on two thousand years of history, what enchantments and power they build up, sinking into the stones themselves!' talk. Yes, I do go on myself about how the past builds up in London and fantods me more than a little; but Griffin is more about the cumulative effect of Londoners, living and dead, than history. So why do the 13 million people in Tokyo (35 million in the greater urban area) not have the same effect? As urban areas go, London is pretty far down the list.
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