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Spent yesterday evening power reading through the last two volumes of Kurotsubaki and in consequence have inflamed a neck disk. I'd forgotten that looking down while reading can do that, and that reading manga involves an acute degree of down-looking. (1Q84 is a hardcover, fortunately.) Shall remember from now on, but meanwhile right arm is all ow ow ow, especially when typing, which for me also involves a lot of looking down.

(Reading Japanese fiction is really a lot easier than reading manga, especially that manga. More room, easier to get stuff from context, etc etc. Downside- no pretty pictures.)

Carpe Jugulum
Wee Free Men
Hat full of sky
I Shall Wear Midnight
1Q84 1
--no idea when I started this, but I got it at the end of November. By contrast, am almost a third of the way through vol 2 after ten days or so
Wyrd Sisters
The Floating Gods
Viriconium Nights

Kurotsubaki 11 and 12
Tags: karin_mangaka, manga_12, reading_12

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