mjj (flemmings) wrote,

All's well that ends well

I walk into work yesterday-- which is to say, into the building and down to the basement where my unofficial realm is-- and the assistant cook holds up my change purse, miraculously transported from Bloor and Spadina. 'This is yours? It was by the phone.' But- but- I wasn't *in* the kitchen Wednesday afternoon. Toddler staff says 'I told you to check the kitchen. You always go straight to the basement when you come in the building, to the kitchen and the laundry room.' I do not. Except that I do. But I wasn't *in* the kitchen... except that I was, calling my chiropractor. Clear need for more gingko biloba.

I have a doggy habit of casting my stuff everywhere (to assert territory, I assume) and then spending countless hours locating my t-shirts, hoodies, sunglasses, reading glasses, hats, Pepsis and you name it. Had to buy a new lacy hat when the daycare swallowed my old one, which was annoying. It doesn't show up quite as prominently as the pink dragon baseball caps I affected.

Meanwhile dry eye continues. Wore a lens briefly yesterday to forestall headache but it dropped out after an hour or so. The visual unbalance is compensated for by, basically, not having to stick stuff in my eye before being able to go anywhere. It's my version of summertime freedom-- no need for boots sweaters jackets gloves or hats. Just open the door and leave. In my case it's 'just get dressed and leave' and it's heaven. We add the not-to-be-underrated benefit of being able to read small print without reading glasses and really, kind of win all round.

Oh, and the cherries are scattering now. Also we have been invaded by early butterflies so I suppose it's good they have cherry blossoms to munch on. If they do.
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