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We are so lightly here

The odd thing about reading the Tiffany Aching books after a fast romp through the witches series is how much darker the former is than the latter. It's supposed to be YA (though the cover blurb about 'teen witch Tiffany' makes me cringe rather) and I suppose it is, in the way that YA always seems to deal with Problems. Dark things pop up in the witches series-- fairies and vampires and the like-- but Granny and Nanny snap their fingers at them. Granny and Nanny are there in Tiffany's world, but it's a much less genial or even safe place notwithstanding.

I suppose it's because Tiffany is the protagonist, and however unflappable she may be basically, she's still a witch growing into her powers and finding what prices must be paid. That side of witchcraft is a recurrent but secondary theme in the witches books-- Granny Weatherwax, basically; though I've often wondered what Nanny's story was, and what sacrifices she had to make, if any. With them, though, it's all a happened: choices made for better or for worse. With Tiffany it's happening, and it makes for pretty comfortless reading.

There were two panhandlers on either side of the Second Cup this afternoon, and I gave a loonie to one and a toonie to the other and put my change purse away and bicycled back to work. Went to buy me a Pepsi and the change purse was gone. Turned everything inside out, since I've been leaving my belongings everywhere in these sleep-deprived and brainless times (and yesterday left a sharp knife on the table in front of a small child when someone called my name from the door, which is even worse) but for once the black hole of my backpack failed to regurgitate the wanted item. I am bereft. This was the super-useful change purse shiny_monkey sent me from Japan, and since she's been back six years now I must have been using it for the last seven years at least, since the time when the memory of man runneth not to the contrary. It had two inside compartments, not one, so dollar coins could be separated from the pennies nickels and quarters, and a third inside pocket that was useful for stashing tokens which otherwise feel like dimes and like to fall out when one is fishing for change. Which is criminal, because each one is worth three dollars.

And now I must try and find a decent clasp coin purse, which does not exist here because the only good coin purses come from Japan.

Equally the blooming trees have my eyes turning to deserts that itch and water and ooze gunk. My contact lens fell out and got lost yesterday afternoon when I rubbed it once too often. This after I'd put half a bottle of wetting solution in my eye through the day. OTOH I didn't *notice* it was gone until a slight fuzzing to the left made me close the good right eye to test, and yes, the world was a blur. But if it's going to be like that-- today I simply didn't wear a lens, and got happily through an 8:30 to 6 day no problem. Reading is the only time I feel strain, but of course reading stuff at work, like labels and medicine instructions, is a piece of cake. The naked eye can read stuff up close; put my lens in and I need glasses, which I have invariably put somewhere else. I may be on to something here.

ETA: Oh look. The cut parentheses are back. LJ moves in mysterious ways its wonders to perform.
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