mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Only two things to say about this whole ungodly mess.

I'd thought in the early days Your government isn't doing its job because here it's the government's responsibility to look after people in emergencies or what passes for them coughcough*our blizzard*cough. By me the gov't, city or state or federal or better some combination of both, should have been commandeering buses and arranging mass evacuations of people who couldn't get out on their own steam. But it's common knowledge here that Americans like their fedgov to stay far away from wherever they are, and I've even read people saying Look it was the *state's* responsibility to handle the disaster stop ragging on the feds. Don't know how it looks to you down there, because more people are saying goddammit where was the President when he was needed? but I just mention it.

The other thought was That couldn't happen here which was followed immediately by Wanna bet? If it happened in the Maritimes, if it happened up north, if it happened on a reserve... I'm not betting.

So I'm going off to read some Judge Dee, who for no reason I can think of settles my queasy psychic stomach like nothing else.
Tags: rl_05

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