mjj (flemmings) wrote,

What a lovely long weekend this long weekend was. Cool-cold sun for two days, which saw me gardening without pain and assembling my new vacuum and vacuuming without pain, and cooking chicken livers and mandarins, and reading Carpe Jugulum and embroidering my jacket with (cough) mixed success.

Also went to the matinee of Spirited Away Saturday, because I was not to be cheated of my two big screen viewings even if one was the dub.

Of course the place was swarming with kids, and some of my full-moon bad temper came back when a family pushed ahead of me in the line-up, but it was a momentary annoyance. I just felt so much better coming down in mid-day and not drained after work. OTOH once I'd got my seat I felt the need to curl up and have a little half-nap, which yanno is not what one normally does after biking twenty minutes downhill. There are still a few bugs in my system, and alas this afternoon they came out in full force.

Feeling not-zombie'd made for a much more satisfying viewing experience. Ah, now I remember what the magic of StC was, and the magic's still there. The dub's not bad, and it's still 90% because Chihiro's VA is so good. (Her mother's terrible and Zeniba's intonation gets on my nerves, but everyone else is bearable.) However, having seen the Japanese a week ago, the Disney interpolations about the power of twoo wub did rather hit me between the eyes, most unpleasantly. Googling around afterwards I discover people think that Chihiro's 'I don't feel so good' line which I read as a bit of understandable fall-apart after the last few hours was caused by her first menstrual cramps. Uh? And that the train is the one that ferries the dead to where they're going. Where they're going looks awfully mundane to me.

So, a very satisfactory holiday. The unsatisfactory part is the returned cough and fever which has led me to cancel my trip to NY this week. I don't want to take my viruses into a household with a two-month-old in it, much as I want to see the two-month-old and his mother. However, no work Thursday and Friday means maybe staying in bed and getting over the damned thing.
Tags: film, rl_12, sentochihiro

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