mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Misty moisty morning

'Do one thing every day that scares you.' Thus I have set up my new monitor. Is a 19", which is too big for me, but same make as the 17" that went purple on me. (I rather miss my mauve tool bars and such.) I should learn how to turn it around, it being the kind that can; but I bet my Word docs will still fail to fit its window. Word really is the devil.

Is grey rainy day amid the plum blossoms. Almost Tokyo, in fact.

Break In-- Dick Francis
Reading and Writing along the Borderlands- Michael Chabon
Unseen Academicals
Ghosts of Baker St
High Spirits-- Robertson Davies
Skin Folk -Nalo Hopkinson
Lord and Ladies

Rather low on the female authors this month and high on the comfort reading. I have been sick.

Within 100 pages of the end of 1Q84 vol 1, feeling fantoddy for obvious and not so obvious reasons. Not so obvious being my own suspicion that the universe is likely to change on me when my back is turned. If I had objective proof that it had happened-- clear and unequivocal memory of some happening being contradicted by clear and unequivocal evidence of something else happening, I'd freak. (Having located both my lost Chinese stories in places I'd forgotten about, I'm hopeful of finding my lost Chinese poem. I note it hasn't turned up yet.)

Am wondering if Harukami's Ritoru Piipuru will have anything in common with Crowley's or Clarke's. The possibility that they wouldn't only occurred to me last night.

Vol.2 is in the mail. I have a suspicion this book doesn't read as well in paperback, so hardcover it is.
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