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Natter: Aten't Dead Yet

My doctor told me Monday 'You have a virus. Sleep as much as possible, have a little walk for exercise, then take a nap.' Have been doing that, only substituting 'work' for 'walk.' My paycheque will be a pittance this week. She was adamant about the need to wear a face mask to work so as not to pass my virus on to the kidlings. 'But they gave it to *me*!' cut no ice with her. Luckily I was with the pre-schoolers who think face masks utterly hilarious, and not with the babies who'd have screamed in terror.

Went to Pompoko Tuesday. Glad I saw it on the big screen, but bicycling there and back was unpleasant. The same two women were in front of me in line, which was cheering. Needed something to read while there, wanhope made all my current stuff seem nightmarish, somebody on the FFL had mentioned Lords and Ladies, so I rousted out my Pratchetts. But my copy of L&L had fallen into a black hole and I was forced to fall back on Maskerade. Better than nothing, but I bought another copy of L&L next day and have been reading that in between bouts of 1Q84 and Nalo Hopkinson.

The librarians have settled their strike so I must return my library books. Did I read them while the strike was on? I did not. But there's a fortnight's grace period so maybe I will. Depends how fantodded I get by duppies and all.

All winter I've worn a pouffy woolen old rose cap with a narrow brim. (Brims are necessary to shade my eyes.) No idea who it's aimed at-- it's kind of like a rasta hat, but made in China. Alas, much too warm for spring weather. But in one of the Korean dress stores I saw a kind of loose-knit slouchy hat with a visor. Is perfect. I may toss all my old baseball caps, that look lousy on me; or at least put them away somewhere.

Dreamed last night I was back in Japan and going to Comiket, which was almost empty of booths and merchandise. Someone had shopping bags with animated .gifs on the side, which was cool, but generally I was very let down. 'Remember when the comic sales were so crowded you could barely move?' I seem to recall this was my reaction to the last sales I went to in Japan, over ten years ago. They'd all become opportunities for cosplay and very few circles were selling doujinshi; but then they weren't Comiket either.
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