mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Reading, Watching, Listening... for once

Reading Melissa Scott's A Choice of Destinies, which is A/U Alexander the Great, of all things. I see echoes of Nicholas and Phillip in Alexander and Hephaistion, or maybe more, Nicholas and Phillip are both Hephaistion to the latent Alexander in the other. Alexander is not my man at all at all, and the book reads straightforward history, but I'm reading it with enjoyment still, so it must be good. Though I'd like it less without the little flashforward scenes from the future that evolved from Alexander not trying to conquer India, but turning back to deal with a Greek rebellion-- and then Syracuse-- and then the tribes of mainland Italy...

Watching: a fun but not-Miyazaki Ghibli film, My Neighbors the Yamadas. Computer-graphicked, not the lush Miyazaki style at all, hence theatre was only half-full. The weeknight showing of Mimi wo Sumaseba was put in a small theatre and packed them in. No idea why they showed Yamadas on a Saturday night in a bigger venue, and not the other way round. I went to see it to see Japan, the way Mimi got me with its OMG Tokyo! nostalgia. And yes, Japan; possibly even Tokyo, though Grandma speaks Kansai-ben. But not the epiphany that Mimi wo Sumaseba was.

(Viewing not helped by current mystery malaise that knocks me out if I do too much, such as taking TTC to a film. Am so glad it's not a SARS year because otherwise I'd be sure I have SARS. This does not bode well for tomorrow's sold-out showing of Spirited Away.)

Listening: Kind of wondered what anyone thought Cohen's Boogie St was. Kerblonxed to discover that apparently it's connected to Singapore's Bugis St.
Tags: anime, film, history, music, reading_12, sentochihiro

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