mjj (flemmings) wrote,

"I keep forgetting to take my ginkgo biloba"

I wanted to google something. I checked the hours of my acupuncture studio before googling. In that 30 seconds I forgot completely what it was I wanted to google.

I shall put this down, charitably, to fallout from the weird weather that was -2.4C on Monday, 16C on Wednesday, and is currently -3C with a wind chill of -11. (And that wind is knocking branches down.) You may google the respective Fahrenheit. Bref: it was unseasonably warm and now is unseasonably cold-feeling, and will go from 1C tomorrow to 13C on Sunday. These drastic changes are hard on a body. Throw in a full moon there somewhere and reputed solar flares and you have a perfect recipe for brainfry.
Tags: rl_12

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