mjj (flemmings) wrote,

"Wonderful things!"

1. White plastic dragon. Wants so bad.

2. The blue sunglasses from my cataract surgery. Evidently all I've ever wanted was to see the world through a blue filter. It calms me. It induces tranquility. And it makes the nasty bright light of late winter Go Away, says the Gollum in this corner. Alas, these glasses are thin and cheap and will not last forever; and for some reason no one makes blue-tinted wrap-arounds otherwise. But for the moment, am happy.

3. My Japanese sword-handle umbrella. It has a sheathe with a strap, meaning you can put sodden umbrella into sheathe when inside and it doesn't drip on you. It also (ahem) allows one to be Mifune Toshiro when the rain isn't yet falling. I actually got stopped by a cop car once, not for carrying a concealed weapon, obviously, but because (I think) the Asian guy at the wheel couldn't quite reconcile the silver-haired granny with the samurai sword.

4. I wanted a mantra,
An uplifting mantra,
And I looked for a mantra
'Most everywhere

but none of them worked for me. Not for walking meditation-- not Om mane padme hum or Nam myouhou renge kyou (the last not helped by a Canadian band having used it in a song and singing it as, you guessed it, 'nammy yoho renge ki-yooo.' Discovered one by accident, or ear-worm, whichever: Cohen's Here It Is.

5. Had a Jane Austen mystery dream last night. Elizabeth Bennett, about to go home to Netherley for Christmas, begins to suspect that Mr. Whoever, the father of the friend she's been staying with, intends to murder her on the way home, and seeks alternate arrangements.

6. Bestest of all: Miyazaki Film Festival.

Never ever thought I'd get to see Spirited Away on a large screen in glowing colour (absent from the DVD) in Japanese. And now I will. Have bought two tickets for that, and one for Mimi wo sumaseba, and will go to others as time and weather permits.
Tags: dragons, dreams, film, japanese, music, religion, rl, rl_12, sentochihiro

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