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Yesterday's dream was some wonderful Miyazaki film about a boy and his huge plume-tailed wolf in the lush and teeming grasslands of their world, who had to rescue the same region in an alternate world that had become, well, southern California scrubland, basically. Last night was a mishmash that contained a not bad apartment I was subletting/ sharing with my old friend M back when he was M (diffident, considerate, bookish) and not the academic who drank himself to death two years ago. Living areas divided by curtains, shaded courtyard and outside stairs somehow filched from University College here. Featured also M's blond feckless roommate, some small child from work, and an Indian friend who said the original sublease hadn't run out so he was still entitled to share with M even though there was no space. All influenced by beginning Unseen Academicals before bed and the achey flu-like whatever that I currently suffer from.

Hound of the Baskervilles
The Folk Keeper
Point of Hopes
Anansi Boys
Rogue Dragon
Witches Abroad

Finished Fingersmith on the 20th and succeeded in finishing nothing else in the remaining week+. Hence the cheer-me-up Pratchett rereads. Consulted the annotations because I'm too slow to get what the alligator joke was supposed to have been ('An alligator sandwich and make it snappy.') Was delighted to discover that Mister Safe Way is a play on Carrefour. "...one of the names of one of the classic gods is Carrefour. It's also the name of a supermarket chain in my part of the world, and I used to grin every time I drove past. Hence, by DW logic, Safeway." Though carrefour just means crossroads to me, and nothing to do with supermarkets at all. For similar reasons I hadn't registered what Samedi Nuit Mort was doing either. My DW instincts don't work in French.
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