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To take my mind off the current unpleasantness south of the border, a translation of the shortie Minekura-sensei did for the summer Kozerosum (that she missed the deadline of)

Kozerosum vol 4
We'd like to make the topic for this issue 'Memories of Summer'
-Zerosum editors

Summer Scenes


When you say 'summer' what do you think of?

Watermelon, glass noodles, agar-agar jelly-

--ice cream and shaved ice-

--charcoal-baked salt fish, cold Chinese dishes-

--no, it's no good. All I can think of is food.

F/X Gokuu quickly walking

Wonder what the other guys' 'summer' is like?

Page 2
"D'you say summer? C'mon, kid-- swimsuits is what it's all about, swimsuits!

French-cut bikinis are neat, but I've nothing against a chaste-looking one piece..."

Right, right. I can see I asked the wrong guy.

"And then a beer and some edamame- that's a *man's* summer.

Well, I suppose a little kid wouldn't understand."

Who's a little kid, you perennial erogappa?!

Page 3

"It's said, 'in summer the nights'-- 'of course when the moon is shining, but even on dark nights as well'"

"Naturally one thinks of sitting on the porch watching the fireworks, wearing a yukata and holding a round fan"

(J note: 'porch' is of course a misnomer. This isn't a large covered area in front of the door. It's what you see in the picture- a long 3-4 ft wide shelf-like area running the length of the house.

An uchiwa is a non-folding roundish fan with a handle that's used in summer. This one has the kanji for 'cool' on it)

"Listening to the sounds of a far-off festival while following the flight of fireflies on the night breeze. That's exactly what summer in Japan is all about."

That's true, Hakkai, but we're not in Japan.

...so what about Sanzou?

Somehow 'Sanzou' and 'summer' don't seem to go together.

Wonder what *Sanzou* thinks of summer?

Monk: Sanzou-sama? He was in the main hall of the temple.

F/X myin minmin (Japanese cicadas sound exactly like that; and they're *loud*)

F/X biii (of electric fan)

F/X karan (ice cubes melting in the glass)


F/X myin

Now I remember

F/X myin


Far away the cicadas going min min min

The fan whirring quietly, the clear sound of ice cracking

F/X min min

Sanzou's sleeping breath beside me-- that's

the summer I love.

Monk: What do you mean, put air conditioning in the main hall? That's ridiculous!

Sanzou: I hate the goddamned heat- I hate it to death!!

(I can't even take my afternoon naps!)

Fan: matsuri
Tags: saiyuki
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