mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Pleasant long weekend, of which I remember very little. Much wine was consumed next door and in restaurants, so I must stop drinking wine.

1Q84 may become my Japanese reading project for the year-- and that's just book 1. Every Sunday I go to Starbuck's and read about 25 pages, intending to read more next day, and never do. The Tengo sections go fast, the Aomame ones require the wordtank more than they should.

Finished Anansi Boys, which was fun. Finished Avram Davison's Rogue Dragon, which I once had in paperback with The Kar-Chee Reign (and for all I know, still do.) That was fun too, and made me try to finish the book of his short stories I have, which put me in a bad mood. Finished Fingersmith, which gave me the fantods. Horrible place, Victorian England. So why am I now reading Jack Maggs? No idea at all. And I wish I hadn't seen the spoiler in the reviews, which isn't really a spoiler but something I should have twigged to and didn't, but I *feel* like I've been spoiled.
Tags: japanese, reading_12, rl_12

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