mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Nice things

Christmas in February. incandescens sends me Sherlock DVDs. I have no TV-- well, I have one, or actually two, but neither are digital and neither shows shows any more. I hear there are ways to DL from the net, but such arcane technology is beyond this Gramma. So I was resigned that current shows would pass me by. But one will not! Thank you, incandescens.

Meanwhile xsmoonshine sends me a tiger's heart wrapped in a dragon's hide. Which is: a plushy keychain with a white and black striped tiger wearing a red dragon outfit. The dragon head becomes a hoodie kind of affair, the body is a coat. Ah, pictures! Mine is the smaller version, without teeth. As well: the dragon looks sufficiently kerblonxed as it is, to find himself a piece of apparel. 'Why do I have this tiger in my mouth?' Poor Goushou.

Googling for the above, I find something like the plush dragons rasetsunyo sent me, sans treasure bag and box. So now you know.

Also belated happy birthday to kickinpants and congratulations to paleaswater on Thuglet #2.

And one of the mums at work said her two year old was talking about me: 'Jan? With the red top? Who lived in Tokyo?' How she picked that up I cannot say, but still.
Tags: dragons, holmes, rl_12

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