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1. i_am_zan, your utterly beautiful New Year's card arrived. Thank you so so much. I shall keep it forever, as I do kickinpants' happy Christmas rabbit from oh a decade ago or so.

2. tammylee, got your card from Thailand-- after you got back, as is ever the case. Thanks for the reminder that the sun shines somewhere.

3. I received 248 spam messages yesterday, all of them in Russian. This is why I'm never changing my provider. Their spam capture service got them all.

4. February is The Month of Letters. I like the idea but it's so not going to happen here. I handwrite almost slower than I type, which is very slow indeed, and tears of computer use (ETA: a typo, but let it stand for truth's sake) has killed the internal editor that can compose fluently as I go along. Longhand notes from me now require drafts to make sure I've said what I meant to in the space provided.
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