mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Fic talk (brief)

Yes, yes, I know everyone was into FMA years ago and I'm a sad johnny-come-lately. No matter. I now understand what this story is about and I'm all snerf snerf weep over it.

And this one does an enviably neat job of bringing dream fluidity into a light-of-day narrative.

I shall mention that before I had to do the consumptive on a sofa routine I was writing a story, and in this story Gouen was flying above the ocean looking for something, and what he saw was a white arm floating in the water below him. I had no idea why a white arm; or rather, I knew the white arm came from The King Must Die, a nasty detail following an eruption on some island, but I had no idea why it was in my story. When I tried to find something not so nasty for Gouen to see I couldn't think of anything, so shou ga nai he sees a white arm, and I wrote on thinking 'I'll change it later when I've got more done." And then the story did a fish-flip as stories will and I realized why it was a white arm: or at least, realized that the white arm worked to an unplanned but very satisfying purpose. And I thought Screw me but I've got a brilliant subconscious. Or ratpack memory, whichever.

Because somehow I think the white arm was somewhere in The White Goddess: but I read that when I was 18, understood none of it, and remember even less. Maybe if I keep on writing, now that I'm allowed to have both feet on the floor again, the white goddess reference will come back as well. Only- well, I'm also on my second round of antibiotics and wiped by two hours' work, so this is all for laters.
Tags: fic, fma, saiyuki, writing

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