mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Books that start out with, or say somewhere on page 1, the literary equivalent of 'and that was the beginning of my miseray' make me very uneasy. (Textual note: Jansch very clearly sings 'master and dame'. The number of webpages that follow the misreading 'my master Amberdine' is astonishing.)

I don't want to read a chronicle of unfortunate events; or if I did, I'd read the real thing. (Which I have no intention of doing, but some day I will google and find out what the fuss with the last volume was. I observe The Little Girls have every volume *but* that one, which suggests judicious parental intervention.) Latest example is An Instance Of The Fingerpost which I bought me for my birthday. I assume it will all end badly, but will it be fun getting there?
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