mjj (flemmings) wrote,

It has been A Week, and isn't over yet. But still. I came home late last night after class, opened front door, and a box fell out from between that and the screen door. 'Huh? Can't be my bk1 order; SAL takes 2-3 weeks and they only got the thing filled last week sometime.' No, not my bk1 order. Two chubby red dragons, one holding a treasure bag and the other a treasure ship is it? They are currently brightening up my front room study. Thank you rasetsunyo!

I came home early today because I couldn't get the acupuncture appointment I wanted and will have to get up early tomorrow instead; opened the front door and a box fell out. Couldn't think what *that* might be. Grabbed it and my new tax bill from the letter box, took them into the light, and found, how odd, my bk1 order flying across mountains and seas. The last Ze, the latest Black Camellia, the most recent Ima Ichiko desert thing, and the Hatsu Akiko that paleaswater talks about so much, with the Chinese stories set in Japan. Richness to ease the plodding Murakami read.

Oh, and a possibly useful book to explain Japanese grammar points, only of course it doesn't explain enough. Starting with that pesky atte no construction, that I suppose means 'without x y is nothing' only backwards, because that's how Japanese does things.
Tags: dragons, hatsu_akiko, ima_ichiko, japanese, karin_mangaka, rl_12, ze

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