mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Blasts from the past

Happy New Year, those who celebrate.

So this year I've had a Discworld dream and a 12 Kingdoms dream and last night I topped it with a Papuwa dream. Papuwa! From eighteen years back, before Shibata retconned everything into total buttock destruction err that is to say a meaningless mess. Young lieutenant Magic on an overnight campout with the young recruits, preparing to reveal three separate secrets to three separate people, one of whom was of course Servis, the other of whom was maybe Takamatsu, or maybe Gunma *about* Takamatsu (some muddling of the generations here) and the third who knows. But at the same time this was based on a Japanese dj I'd translated and was going to show to my Japanese class, and at the same time it was a fanfic I was writing and being unsure if I should incorporate 'that long unfinished Papuwa WIP of mine' right into the middle of it, or if that would make the .doc file too long to be easily downloaded. Woke up desperately trying to figure which WIP that could be, because I was sure I had one, lost to memory after all these years. (I don't, of course. The concept itself came holus-bolus from A Study in Scarlet and its interpolated Mormon narrative.)

Still, nice to see old friends from far away like that. Other earths and skies than these, indeed.
Tags: dreams, fandom, papuwa, writing

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