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My birthday present from me was a Discworld dream about Vetinari, very much The Patrician. This was Vetinari taken out of Pratchett's benign universe and into something weightier and less guaranteed of a happy ending. The weightier thing seemed to be one of my own fanfics, because I'd get editorial comments along the way as the story progressed.

Vetinari was accompanied everywhere by his female assistant, a woman in a black Victorian housekeeper's dress and a white apron. I'm very very familiar with this person, am sure I came across her in my recent reading, and have no waking idea who she is. But I suspect she owes something to Hinamori Momo-- the more so because incandescens was telling me that I ought to write her weeping at one point, and I wasn't able to follow her argument at all.

There was a Vimes who was, well, not Vimes. Again, a very familiar archetypal character, young, brash, possibly D'Artagnan (which makes Vetinari Richelieu) and also someone I ought to know and don't. But most puzzling was the antagonist, a clever foppish blond young man who had at very long last seen the error of his ways and was now on Vimes and Vetinari's side. I know that character too; I come across him everywhere; and I can't put a name to him. Closest I can get is Asagi in Basara, who has the requisite early villainy but none of the clever wit.

But most clearly I remember not-Vimes saying in frustration to foppish villain, "How did he do it to *you*?-- he being Vetinari and it being 'seduced and dazzled us into entering his service'; and young fop giving a 'well you know' shrug. Would have liked much more of that, but then I woke up.
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