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The ever informative FFL tells me that James Joyce's works are now public domain.* This will not be pretty. Given the antics of Joycean otaku over the decades, I shall revel in the inevitable travesties. Mind, I've nothing against Joyce as a writer. (Person is another matter. Do hold on to those private papers, Whoever, and keep them firmly unpublished.) I liked Ulysses, though the chameleon nature of time may have turned it into an unreadable mass, rather as it seems to have done with At Swim-Two-Birds. "Please please don't ever make me have to reread this."

Meanwhile however Nick Mamatas & friends grab the ball and run with it. I'm especially taken with nick_kaufman's The Dead, with Zombies.

*Should I be worried about the creeping dyslexia that turns "...EU copyright law was harmonised to bring it into line with German practice and the period was extended to 70 years" into "hamstrung to bring it into line with German practice"?

Four gory mysteries:
Death of a Red Heroine
Another Scandal in Bohemia
Chapel Noir
Castle Rouge

Three books on Buddhism:
Invitation to practice Zen
The Wisdom of Forgiveness
The Art of Happiness

Two Terry Pratchetts:

And a marvellous Austen parody:
Lady Catherine's Necklace

Also end of year odds and sods:
The 21 Balloons, which is not as good as when I was a kid
Point of Dreams, which repays re-re-reading
The Book of Atrix Wolfe, which is, well, McKillip
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